Location – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Color

Puerto Vallarta Revisited, 2014.


We returned to Puerto Vallarta on Dec 4 for a 15 day visit. Of course I took my Fuji’s but this time I decided that I would primarily be shooting for color photo’s instead of black & white. We have been here so many times that I have already photographed most of the regular tried and true sites so I challenged myself to find new and different subjects to shoot. These are some of my favorites.

You may be questioning the last image of the horses as a street shot but I was standing on the street and had just crossed a bridge over the river. There was a lot of green space on this side of the bridge and just as we finished our crossing, this fellow with his horses came out from under the bridge. Quite a site in the middle of the city.


Puerto Vallarta has been a great location to learn street photography. Walking along the Malecon offers unique scenes every time I take a stroll down it’s ample length. Most of my work from this city is along this walk but I also will venture into other areas. Normally I process my shots as Black and White but to start, I want to show off the colors that are so common on the streets.



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