Calgary Squared Project

Since getting the Fujifilm X-Pro2, I wanted to do something different to keep using the old X-Pro1. I decided on a project where I would shoot strictly black and white JPEGs in the square 1X1 format on the X-Pro1 and only use the 27mmm f/2.8 lens. Finally, the processing would be very basic and minimal. Nothing more than would have been achieved in a darkroom by a medium level printer. This would give me certain restrictions and give me a challenge. I will now also have some pictures on the site of my hometown which has been sorely missed.

Day 1

An early morning walk from the Calgary Zoo along the river to downtown then around the east end of the downtown area. All photos are taken East of Centre Street.


Day2 at the Zoo

For the next day’s work, I went down to the zoo. I have photographed here a few times but usually with a DSLR and a Zoom lens. The square formatting and 27mm lens made me find shots quite different than I had shot before.


Day 3 – Latino Festival

This is a small collection of the shots I took a the Latino Festival. Unfortunately, I had more rejects than normal but it was still fun shooting the event. The square format really is challenging when you are used to a 3×2 format and you have to remember to back up a bit to get everything in that 1×1 frame. It takes a bit of a different mindset.