My name is John Grubb and I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I have been interested in photography all my life but really started getting serious about it in 2011. I have experimented in many types of photography but discovered I love street and travel photography the most. I have gone through many phases over the last few years and have accumulated a decent collection of cameras and other equipment. When I purchased the Fujifilm X-Pro1, it opened a whole new experience when doing street photography. The small, unimposing size and great image quality, along with that fantastic hybrid viewfinder, made it my camera of choice for both travel and street work. When the Fujifilm X100S came out with the same sensor and hybrid viewfinder, I decided it would be the ideal companion to the X-Pro1. These are the only cameras I travel with now and the X100S is always with me whenever I leave the house.

I have developed my own definition of Street Photography. For me, anything I shoot on the street, including buildings, landmarks, parks, paths, and of course people, fall into my category of “Street”. If I am wandering around, whatever is in front of me is considered a street scene. Others might not agree in calling it street photography but this is a personal thing. If you want to pay me for street photography, then you can dictate what is Street and what is not.

Another stage of my photographic development is in the large amount of images I process as Black and White. In doing so, I have to really concentrate on the content and composition of the image. I can’t fall back on a bunch of pretty colors to make the image. In fact I find that in some cases colors are quite distracting, taking the focus away from the intended main subject of the photograph. I still have a lot to learn here but it certainly is a lot of fun getting the education.


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  1. hi John, nice photos, I get that you are in to street photography, and markets and stalls are a favourite of mine too. But don’t wait for a trip to take stuff, why not do some shoots where you live? The most mundane can take on a new life when shot correctly. Out of interest do you use the x100 more than the xpro in the shots on your site?

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    • Hi Chris. Glad you like the shots. I do take shots around home too but I just haven’t posted them yet. The majority of my streetshots that I’ve done around Calgary were with my Canon 5D Mark3, prior to getting my Fuji’s but I do have a few. Just deciding which ones to post.
      I find that I shoot the X100S more than the X-Pro1 mainly because I carry it with me more often than the X-Pro1. I always have one of them with me but the X100S is the usual choice because of it’s smaller size and weight. When I do take out the X-Pro1, it’s usually because I want to use a specific lens (I have the 14mm, 18mm, 35mm, and 60mm).


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