Calgary Squared Project

I’ve just added a page call the Calgary Squared Project. It is sitting on the top of the list to the right and an explanation of what it’s all about is at the beginning of the post. I think some will find it an interesting experiment and might even inspire some to try it for themselves. Enjoy.


Equipment update

Just a quick mention that I have upgraded to the Fujifilm X-Pro2. I really think that Fuji nailed it with this one. The faster focusing, huge number of focus points and focus point selector, the extra megapixels, and the wifi connectivity really make it a worthwhile trade up from the X-Pro1 (which will still act as a back-up in my kit). Our first out of country trip with this camera was our recent trip to Asia. All the Taipei and Tokyo/Yokohama pictures came from the X-Pro2.

Welcome to my Fujifilm Streetshots

I created this site to showcase some of my Street Photography comprising of images taken with my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X100S. These 2 cameras have become my primary equipment for street and travel. Although it means excluding many photographs taken with my other gear earlier in my photographic journey, I feel that my best work will come from these 2 cameras. It is still a journey as I learn more about these cameras and the art of street photography, a journey that I can see no end to but have no intention of finishing only continuing down the path.

I need to state that for me, street photography isn’t just about shots of people. I think that a sense of ‘place’ needs to be captured as well. There will be many shots that don’t have people as the prime focus and some that have no people in them at all. Also, I will be displaying both Color images and Black & White. I like both mediums even though I tend to lean more to the Black & White format.

I will be adding pages based on location with the name of the place following the designator “Location” and these can be reached by clicking on the page names on the sidebar on the right hand side of the page.